Navigating a cam session is very similar to navigating a meet, or a first date, except it’s often in the comfort of your own home behind a laptop or phone screen - this takes out a lot of the nerves and often clients use cam sessions as a stepping stone into building confidence for their fantasy meet. It can provide a safe space to navigate sexual fantasies and fetishes with open minded individuals who are well versed in their respective specialities - but with the added comfort of being able to unplug if it gets too much.

This isn’t the only reason people might seek out cam sessions, in my years of being a camgirl I’ve met virtually with a wide range of clients - businessmen, tradies, couples exploring play, retired kinksters, bored housewives and a lot of IT professionals – all seeking different kinds of human interaction for their own reasons, and all of them valid.

No matter your motivation for indulging in some virtual playtime, it’s good to keep a positive relationship with your favourite streamers and creators - we really notice!

Here are some tips for keeping that virtual dalliance extra sweet.

Note: the term “camgirl” here refers to the colloquial term for adult webcammers; anyone of any gender identity or sexuality or lack thereof, who work in online sex work via live stream sessions and self-identify with the term. As a cisgendered woman, I can only provide my perspective from my own cam career - so please do be mindful of the nuance of personal identity when interacting with your favourite streamers.

Be polite

This one is pretty self-explanatory, but unfortunately like any people-facing profession, we do encounter a few individuals who seem to have left their manners outside the metaverse. Despite our existing behind a screen, it’s important to keep up with simple pleasantries. Being nice goes a long way and starts the interaction off on a positive note – we’re always more receptive to polite clients, I always look forward to sessions with my clients who take an interest in and treat me as a person, it allows for better sessions, for confidence in each other.

A quick way to sour the interaction is to start demanding. If you’d like a specific act or interaction, ask – but never demand. Some sites use tip menus, these list the acts available for a set tip amount. These  allow you to simply send the tip amount via the tip function in chat.

Don’t haggle

Camgirls take a lot of time to consider the cost of their labour, we must account for website percentage fees, hosting fees, as well as the expenses that come with running high spec tech for multiple hours a day. Trying to haggle our rate tells us that you don’t respect our work, or the experience and knowledge that we bring to the session – to put simply, it comes across as rude.

Camming sessions are a luxury expense – like going out for an expensive dinner or buying that new watch. Treat it similarly, and similarly; the more you’re willing to spend and tip, the more room we have to provide you a better and more tailored service.

Also, don’t compare us to other camgirls who may charge different rates – each one of us chooses our rates based on a multitude of factors. There is no such thing as a standard rate. If you and your budget would prefer to session with someone who has a lesser or higher rate, feel free to do so, but using this to haggle is almost always sure to cause offense.

Asking to meet?

Not all camgirls meet, some might, but this can’t be assumed. Unless they explicitly state that they are available for dates, which can be impossible during livestreams - depending on the site’s guidelines around in-person sex work, then it can be tricky to know if it’s appropriate to ask them at all - the criminalization of full service sex work, globally, can make this a tightrope walk.

I’d suggest searching their provider name on trusted advertising registries such as Tryst, or checking their personal websites,the link can usually be found in their social media bios. If you’re still unsure, and you’ve built a good rapport with them over time and with a few cam sessions, then you could ask via private email - but be sure to provide a tip when you do so, and don’t react negatively if they don’t offer this service.


Like with any industry, tipping is always appreciated. Some camgirls may host free group sessions with tip goals for specific acts, while some may charge by the minute without a tip goal or menu. Either way, tipping is a pretty sure-fire way to build rapport with your favourite camgirls, it shows us that you appreciate what we do and know that for us work can be pretty exhausting at times.

If you’d like to go a step further, many camgirls have wish lists - these usually contain lingerie, toys, luxury items, or whatever the camgirl may desire – where you can purchase gifts to be sent directly to them with a few clicks. Or better still, adopt a bill!

Support via social media, leaving reviews and tags

Supporting your favourite camgirls and adult content creators can be done for free too - simple things like following their social media accounts and liking and sharing their posts can go a long way in boosting their spots in the labyrinth that is the algorithm. Similarly, leaving reviews and feedback after cam sessions can boost our placements on site, and leaving tags on profiles helps other clients find us. Plus it makes us feel good, and why wouldn’t you want to make your favourite camgirls feel good?

Avoiding Scams

It’s always better to have your cam sessions on the official adult streaming sites until you’ve built a good rapport with the camgirl, while in session on a site you are charged by the minute for the duration of the session (unless you’re pre booking a block session). This means that if there are any tech issues- or very rarely, that the cam session was mis-sold - you are able to disconnect having only paid for the time spent. Unfortunately, as with any profession, there are some that may push clients to connect off site (usually via a video chat service and taking payment via a separate transfer), collect payment, and then disappear. This happens very rarely, but if you’re worried about the potential for this - stick to the official sites until you’ve got a good working relationship.

Some of my own regulars like to have their cam sessions via phone video chat due to the personal feel of the interaction - and knowing that the money  is going directly to me and not lost on hosting fees. This isn’t unheard of, so don’t be alarmed if a camgirl might suggest this themself!

If you’d like an off-site cam session, it’s best to enquire via social media or email. Often hosting sites ban camgirls from conducting business offsite, so they run the risk of account closure if they respond to your request. If you do decide to book a session this way, payment will usually be expected upfront as standard.

Staying safe online

Staying safe online is important both for us and for you. Basic internet rules are a must here; don’t give out too much personal information, don’t give out your banking information, don’t use your full legal government name.

Allowing camgirls to feel safe in our cultivated online spaces allows for better shows and interactions and builds better connections longer term – it’s also extra important during a time where the existence of sex workers as a whole is largely vilified. This is fairly simple to do; avoid asking for our real names or locations, if you think you might know – don’t mention it and definitely don’t turn up, avoid seeking out personal social media accounts, this is a breach of privacy, and definitely avoid outing camgirls publicly. Though most clients would never dream of doing any of these things, they’re still important to mention.

It's also important to remember that this is a transaction for a luxury service, it’s a business relationship despite the level of intimacy that may be fostered during an ongoing working relationship. There is absolutely no shame in seeking sexual services, but they’re not a replacement for civilian relationships. There cannot be an expectation for the camgirl to treat them as such.

With the above in mind, you’re on good footing for a positive cam session and a positive relationship with your camgirl - no matter the flavour, vibe, or the level of debauchery. But most importantly, remember to relax, sit back, and enjoy the ride.

Are you a sex worker or client with tips or experiences to share? We'd love to hear from you!

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