Stories change minds…and in a world where sex work is largely stigmatised and/or criminalised, your stories matter. As an organisation by and for sex workers, we value the experience and advice of workers. We want the Good Client Guide to destigmatise being a client of sex workers, while also providing guidance from sex workers themselves on how to be a better client and ally. Better experiences for workers means better experiences for clients!

To make this happen, we’re welcoming submissions from your favorite providers.

Provider submissions: What we're looking for

As part of the writer’s program, we want to hear from providers from all walks of life. While the blog is the perfect place to explore all things sex work, The Good Client Guide is your space to speak directly to clients. Submissions should be between 800-1500 words on these topics:

  • First person essays exploring your relationship with clients
  • Educational pieces that help clients be better allies to sex workers and address their own internalised predjudices
  • Our city guide segment, ‘A Tryst About Town’ helps clients plan great dates by sharing tips on hotels, restaurants, and fun date ideas.

We’re not looking for:

  • Time-sensitive articles - we are a small team so pieces can take 2-5 weeks to be published
  • Poetry or short stories
  • Medical or legal advice
  • Guides on safety (including screening), timewasters, or enquiring.

Guidelines for contributors

  1. We will not publish any kind of discriminatory content. This includes content which is racist, transphobic, homophobic, whorephobic, fatphobic or otherwise discriminatory. This includes stigma against other kinds of sex work, rate shaming, and outing workers.
  2. Articles focused on identity must be written by a person who holds that identity. For example, an article about trans male sex workers must be written by a trans male sex worker.
  3. Articles must not be previously published elsewhere.
  4. Self promotion must be minimal. We do not allow irrelevant links to personal websites, affiliate links etc.
  5. Please ensure you are linking to or citing any source material used in your piece.
  6. Content must not be defamatory.

To submit, drop us a line and let us know your idea!