One provider is great, and two is wonderful! Or so I hear…

As a provider who’s done her share of duo bookings, let me share my experience in having the most excellent duo date imaginable: 

For the love of all that is holy – plan ahead

If anything in life calls for planning ahead, it’s a knockout experience like enjoying two providers at once. So, please: plan! ahead! This is absolutely not the time to try to rush book two providers like an Uber Eats delivery order and expect a satisfying result. 

Keep in mind that coordinating schedules is extra tricky when it’s three people. Providers have busy schedules, just like you, and finding availability between three people can be remarkably difficult. So plan ahead: ideally by a couple of weeks.

Approach the match properly

You can take your chance and book two providers you haven’t met for a duo, but it’s not my favorite. Instead, use your existing connections. If you’ve met a provider you enjoy spending time with, ask if they would be up for a duo, if they have any preferred duo partners, and how they prefer to approach a duo booking. 

Some providers will have a list of their duo partners on their website, while others keep it more upon request. 

If you see an enticing provider on their duos page – great! Bring it up with them. You can also look through their social media. They may post photos from socializing with other providers, or regularly interact with another provider who catches your eye. That can be a great starting point for a duo inquiry.

If a provider doesn’t have a duos list on their website, ask if they have a list of duo partners they can share with you, if they would be open to hearing your ideas for providers you’d like to make part of the duo, and how they prefer to approach things. 

As a provider, I like seeing the list of providers you have your eye on, and I’ve found this method very effective. This also saves me the frustration of rattling off a list of my work acquaintances, only to have you reject them all because you have a specific look or provider in mind. So, go ahead, share your list of crushes.

Book at least two hours 

Carve out at least two hours for the duo portion of the date. One hour feels rushed. Especially when three people all need to be introduced, the intros – and getting over nerves – will take a bit of time. It’s easier to adjust while we’re all calm, because no one’s in a rush to get things moving. Less stress, more fun for everyone! Trust me, you will want to savor every moment. So, slow down. This is an exciting, bucket list type experience. Not a quick in-and-out.

As with provider dates overall, enjoying a meal together is a wonderful way to break the ice and for everyone to get acquainted before you dive into other activities. So consider making a meal part of the date. At the very least, arrange for some drinks (alcoholic and nonalcoholic) to be available to make the initial meet-and-greet portion of the date more comfortable, and for everyone to sip on when they take breaks. Hydration, it’s important!

It’s fine to book a differing amount of time, as long as you rate-match

Say you book your provider for an overnight, dinner date, etc, and would like to book a duo session for a shorter portion of that date. That’s just fine, as long as you communicate that to both parties so there’s no confusion or awkwardness, and as long as you rate-match.

Rate-match to the provider with the higher rate

It’s proper etiquette to rate-match to the provider with the higher rate.

Say you are booking a four hour duo, but each provider has different four hour rates. Give each provider a fee equivalent to the higher four hour rate. Or, say you are booking a provider for an overnight, and would like another provider to join you for two of those hours. If that provider’s two hour rate is lower than the other provider’s, pay them the higher rate. 

Why? Well, it’s the current industry standard, and it’s just the right thing to do. Pay equity is extremely cool and outrageously sexy. No one feels low balled and everyone feels equitable at the table — or bed, as it may be.

Handle verification, deposits and the fee with each provider individually 

Besides the matchmaking portion covered previously, approach the verification, booking and payment process similarly to how you would when booking each provider individually.

Verify yourself with each new provider, so they know who you are and feel safe with you. Pay each of their deposits, as required, and pay the fee to each provider individually. Do not deliver the combined fee to one provider, expecting they will divide it. Doing this is unnecessary, and in the worst case scenario, can lead to one provider getting cheated. Label envelopes with their names to avoid any mix-ups, or inquire with each provider about pre-paying electronically, if you wish.

Observe etiquette about outfit requests

The general etiquette around outfit requests is: 

  • Make the outfit request early; don’t wait until the last minute. 
  • Limit your outfit requests to what the provider shows in their photos.
  • If it’s not something the provider owns/shows in their photos, buy it for them. 

If, for example, you want providers to wear matching outfits or lingerie sets for the booking, let them know as soon as possible, and be prepared to pay for it. 

Even if Provider A has a certain lingerie set, it may not be currently available for purchase for Provider B, so be prepared to shop for both of them anew, or to make a small compromise - e.g. both providers wear red lingerie, but not the exact matching set.

Duos may be awkward, that’s normal 

Duos are truly a fantasy scenario – but they can also be awkward, overwhelming, or the epitome of sensory overload. I harped on the matching portion of duo planning, because booking two providers who know and like each other really helps cut through the awkwardness. 

Regardless, you may feel like a deer in the headlights. Trust me, we see it all the time. Breathe, relax, and try to simply be present for this special experience. 

It probably won’t go perfectly. Someone will spill wine, or trip over someone’s shoe, or clank teeth. These are all the little moments that make life wonderful. Take breaks, pace yourself and giggle at yourselves as needed. Communicate, and let us experts guide you through this sensual experience.

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