Welcome to our new interview series, A Tryst About Town. We join an escort as they share the best of their hometown cities. Today, Em Rose takes us on a tour through Cincinnati.

What makes this town special to you?

Cincinnati holds a very dear place in my heart. I know that hating Ohio is a meme at this point. Cincinnati was even the location of the Medium Place on the show “The Good Place”, but I love it here. I am originally from Ohio and I fell in love with its parks and vibrant green scenery from a young age. Cincinnati is no exception and is full of parks and natural spaces, from forests to rolling hills. There’s a fantastic zoo, great public libraries with maker spaces, and loads of museums.

 What’s your favorite memory associated with living in Cincinnati?

Canvassing last year for the statewide amendment to protect abortion access. I had a lot of really great conversations, got to meet a lot of people, and walked around many Cincinnati neighborhoods I hadn’t seen before. 

What’s something cute to do together on a date?

For something casual and engaging, I think going to the Cincinnati Art Museum is a fantastic date. There’s a lot to talk about while looking at the exhibits. It’s right next to Eden Park if you enjoy spending time outside afterwards or want to sit in nature and chat. 

Where can you find the best cup of coffee in town?

My favorite coffee shop is always going to be Sidewinder on the North side. They have local, fair trade coffee that’s delicious. Other recommendations are either Deeper Roots or Collective Espresso. In addition to great coffee, they both have a fantastic atmosphere. 

I also want to shout out Highland Coffee House! They open at 5 pm and they serve a lot of alcoholic coffee drinks. It’s my favorite place to go to end an evening or for a little treat. It’s cozy and charming, with plants and art all around. 

Can you recommend a great bar for drinks with a provider?

Being cautious of COVID, I stick to places with outdoor seating. That caveat aside, if you’re not from Cincinnati and you love sour beers, Urban Artifact is a must. It’s my all time favorite. Tilly’s is also great. The interior is stunning and their outdoor seating feels very private and comfortable. My answers to questions like this tend to be more hole-in-the-wall places that draw a more eclectic crowd, so if you’re looking for something classier, try Sundry and Vice. 

Tell us about a restaurant that you love.

I have to go with The Chameleon. Their pizzas are absurdly large and delicious. I always get the veggie of the day pizza. The combinations are sometimes a bit unexpected but are always delicious. If I’ve spent a Saturday knocking out chores and household projects, I really look forward to rewarding myself with a trip to the Chameleon. 

Is there a great scenic walk to take?

There are tons! I mean it. If nature is your thing, which it is mine, I recommend Buttercup Valley Nature Preserve. It’s incredible how many forests are tucked away in the city. Buttercup is great for just spending time admiring nature. If you want to explore the Northside after, it’s a little over a mile from Urban Artifact and you’ll pass a lot of interesting local stores on the way. 

It depends on what area you’re in! If you’re not set on staying downtown or in OTR, The Summit is really nice. I like the access to different areas of the city as well. If you enjoy art and also want to be downtown, 21C Museum Hotel is a must. Both hotels are unique yet feel luxurious. If you’re looking for something really upscale, The Lytle Park Hotel is your best bet. 

Where could a client take you on a wild shopping spree?

I’m not really big on shopping but I would have a blast doing a tour of the few stores in the area that resell construction and remodeling supplies, often including cool vintage finds. My all time favorite is The Reuse Center on Tremont. A small area upstairs is dedicated to antiques or things that aren’t for construction. My second favorite is Building Value. These stores are so awesome because they help prevent waste in landfills and there’s always something neat to put aside for a project later, like awesome tiles or a piece of stained glass. 

What’s your perfect Cincinnati day out?

After a breakfast at Sugar and Spice or just coffee at Sidewinder, I would start out at the Cincinnati Art Museum and Krohn Conservatory. Afterwards, a walk through Eden Park if I was feeling it before a late lunch and maybe drinks at The Blind Lemon. Early evening is a great time to head to the Northside to check out Shake It Records and Downbound Books, and finish with dinner at the Chameleon. 

Are there any venues, shows, or festivals you particularly love?

The event I love the most is the Northside 4th of July parade. My enthusiasm about it has nothing to do with patriotism and everything to do with the joy of watching people express themselves creatively. It’s always a blast with unique floats and displays. I think it’s honestly cooler than Pride, because it’s such a genuine event.

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