Hi folks! This is Georgie here - I'm an Aussie escort, sex educator, and the founder of The Satisfaction Project - a website dedicated to helping clients have amazing encounters with sex workers.

Whether you're new to seeing escorts or you've been doing this for a while, something a lot of clients get stuck on is communication. How to ask for what you want, whether you're getting what you want, and how to work out if your escort feels comfortable and satisfied - a lot of people worry about this stuff.

This is a quick video about consent - basically, some really easy ways to express yourself and to find out what your escort wants, so you can have really good sex.

Enjoy a five-star client experience with helpful videos about client etiquette, your own personalized dashboard, a ‘favorites’ list, and more…

“What if it’s awkward?”

Clients often worry that consent talk is going to feel awkward and kill the mood. Often, we're not used to talking during sex. We're taught that we should magically know what to do. So we feel ashamed when we need to use our words.

But there's no shame in talking about sex. consent doesn't have to be awkward. I talk about sex all the time with my clients and it feels totally normal, simply because I've practiced it so much.

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